Following a successful open day kindly hosted by D Skelton & Sons and Strawsons Ltd, on Thursday 4th October at Bishopfield Farm in Doncaster we are pleased to share some of the Agility and Seminis highlights from the event.

This season has thrown some of the most extreme weather conditions at the crops and it was pleasing to see how well the Seminis varieties had performed in such challenging conditions. The impact of an extremely hot summer and the cold early spring was not apparent in the commercial varieties or indeed the future pipeline material.

Commercial Seminis varieties in the field included main season Nantes SV1140DN, award winning high carotene Belveta and imperators Propeel, CR1706 and red imperator Malbec.

Alongside the commercial varieties, we were delighted to demonstrate five new and exciting Nantes and Imperator Seminis types. The Nantes varieties are all ideally suited to early, main and late season production and the Imperators fitting perfectly in both early and main imperator breeding programs. It was great to see the two new imperator types with improved length, uniformity and finish over some of the current market standards.

Nantes carrots are the biggest market within the UK and as such three new types were shown. One being for early production for drilling from December under polythene; this variety has been tested for four years in plot trials and has not shown any bolting. The other two Nantes types shown at the event are for main season production, both with tall erect foliage with one producing a slightly longer root than the other,and making it more suitable for growers that struggle for length. While the other produces a more uniform shorter root, both are seen to produce a high marketable yield of pre-pack carrots.

We are delighted to share this brief summary of the Seminis portfolio with exciting future pipeline material looking impressive alongside the current market standards. For further information on any of the Seminis commercial portfolio or pipeline please contact us.