Seminis Lettuce Seeds Confirmed as Resistant to new Downy Mildew Bremia Races Announced

A formal evaluation process started in November 2017.  In April 2018 the IBEB-EU concluded that the two candidate isolates gave consistent test results and decided to nominate two races:
Bl: 34EU (EU-C 54-15-01, isolate NL15-073)
Bl: 35EU (EU-C 62-15-06, isolate 480)
Bl: 34EU is widely spread in Europe and is found in France, Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Scandinavia.
Bl: 35EU is found predominantly in France but has also spread over other countries in Europe such as  Southern Netherlands, Southern United Kingdom and South West Germany.
This race may be described as a more aggressive variant of Bl: 33EU, able to break additional resistance sources and spreading in the same areas as Bl: 33EU.
Full details of the press release can be found here.

Agility Agriculture supply Seminis branded lettuce varieties which offer broad resistance patterns.  We are delighted to confirm that these varieties have been tested against these new races  and the following varieties have been confirmed as resistant:
Poetic -  has a flat, round head shape and flat ribs, making it an ideal variety to grow throughout the year.
Tassic - a mid-maturing dual use variety that suits both wholehead and processing markets and produces high quality heads.
Affic - an ideal wholehead iceberg lettuce that produces uniform high quality heads and can be used for the majority of the year’s production.
SV3413LC - a compact, early maturing variety with excellent disease resistance, for summer production
SV6621LA - a dual purpose green batavia for spring, summer and autumn production.  The advantages of this variety are its leaf uniformity and erect frame.
Agility Agriculture advocates an integrated approach to disease control; resistant varieties are a large part of this, however crop protection agents and hygiene measures are also important to help prevent the development of new downy mildew races.  Appropriate hygiene practices, such as the removal of debris and diseased plants will always reduce the spread of Bremia in lettuce crops.  Resistance to these strains does not mean that a variety offers total resistance to Bremia and should not be understood as a full insurance against Bremia. 
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