The International Spinach Open Day

With 42 plots on site we had the opportunity to view the varieties with a range of different pesticides, leaf colours and leaf types. Here’s a glimpse of some of our Seminis variety highlights from the day:

Now well established and proven Melville is ideally suited for spring and autumn production. Trials have demonstrated consistent plant uniformity throughout the season. We have also been delighted with the performance of JavaFollowing commercialisation in 2017 we see this variety as the perfect partner to Melville as it is slightly slower to mature.

Midway is a medium speed variety with a dark, cupped and slightly savoy leaf. This is an excellent variety for late spring and early autumn production. A key advantage of Midway is the reduced damage during harvesting and processing, therefore improving aesthetics in the pack and reducing marketable yield.

Finally, Antigua which is suitable for longest day production as it is very slow. This variety has a good balance and leaf size across an erect plant, this ensures that there is a reduced number of cut leaves in the sample.

We would like to thank everyone who attended the event and hope you found it to be an inspiring and informative day. For those that couldn’t make the event this year, we are sorry that you were unable to attend. We hope that you have received a copy of our Spinach Fieldbook and have found it to be an informative summary of the key highlights.

To find out more information about the Seminis Spinach portfolio or to discover how it can benefit your business please do not hesitate to contact us.